SCOPE is privileged to have the opportunity of working directly and or indirectly with the following national and international donor and support organizations.

  • Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)
  • European Union
  • Wateraid UK
  • DFID
  • International Land Coalition (ILC)-IFAD
  • Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
  • Misereor Germany
  • Asia Pacific Environment Forum-Institute of Global Environment Strategies (IGES)
  • Siemenpuu Foundation
  • World Food Programme (WFP)
  • Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW)-BECA
  • Freshwater Action Network-UK
  • Unilever–Pakistan
  • UNDP
  • Action Aid
  • Global Mechanism
  • PSO
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SCOPE’s Partners:


Back Ground of the Manjithi:

Manjithi is one of the Union Council of District Tharparkar, having 46 thousands population in 100 villages, economically is a poor arid region with meager resources and poor infrastructure. There are a number of barriers in the way of attaining sustainable livelihoods. Occasional droughts force people to migrate due to scarcity of water, food and fodder. Overgrazing and deforestation, particularly during droughts, add to depletion of soil and water resources. Majority of the population is very poor and marginal, and has no access to safe water, roads, markets, and credit, health and education facilities. Main local professions are cattle herding and subsistent rain-fed farming, which depends on seasonal scanty showers. However due to acute poverty and absence of technical and financial support, people are not able to sustain their livelihoods by improving their economic activities and diversifying their income generation options.


Manjithi M/P Welfare Cooperative Society Tharparkar, is development organization working to uplift the underprivileged sections of society for over 4 years. MCS-Thar’s vision is to develop educated, healthy, prosperous, empowered and responsible individuals with equal opportunities in a society free of oppression.

MCS-Thar, 2300 members based welfare cooperative society for sustainable development and sustainable Natural Resources Management.


Initially, Society for the conservation and protection of environment (SCOPE) Pakistan provided technical and financial support to MCS-Thar to execute its work under Misereor-Germany funded project. As the need of apex body of cooperative group was realized and an adhoc committee for the formation of MCS-Thar was formed on August 29th, 2005. MCS-Thar was registered formally under section 10 of the Sindh Cooperative Societies Act VII of 1925 on February 28, 2007.


MCS-Thar envisions Sustainable communities’ achieving equitable economic, social, political and sustainable Natural Resource Management through indigenous welfare cooperative groups.


MCS-Thar mission is to mobilize the poor under a common platform and to support them to carry out sustainable development, sustainable Natural Resource Management and environment friendly livelihood initiatives.

  • Organize Cooperative groups of rural communities (men and women) for undertaking sustainable development initiatives primarily on self help bases.
  • Build the capacity of the Cooperative groups to make them sustainable.
  • Undertake participatory development programmes for poverty alleviation and improvement of quality of life of the poor.
  • Facilitate women participation in the development activities and promote their socio-economic empowerment.
  • Promote conservation of natural resources; take efforts for improving environment, alternate energy and facilitate health and education.
  • Engage in advocacy and networking for addressing social, economical and environmental issues.
  • Cooperate with national and international development organizations for poverty alleviation, sustainable development and sustainable natural resource management.
What we have achieved on self help bases:
  • Established and managing 7 Local livestock health centers and provided initial veterinary medicines and technical kits.
  • Organized 12 Livestock Management Trainings for the pastoral communities.
  • Established 17 plantation forms and planted 10295 fodder plants.
  • Organized 5 Embroidery skills Trainings for women.
  • Organized 100 village meetings to promote social forestry and social control grazing practices.
  • Organized 2 handicrafts marketing trainings for women followed by exposure visits to Karachi, Hyderabad, Quetta and Lahore.
  • Facilitated and Managed 4 N.I.Cs camps for rural communities and registered 1846 New N.I.Cs.
  • Initiated handicrafts business and directly connected with exporters by reducing the exploited role of middlemen.
  • Built 15 water tanks for rain water harvesting.

Manjithi M/P Welfare Cooperative Society Tharparkar
Soomra Colony, Diplo Road Mithi, Tharparkar. Pakistan.
Tell: +92-232-309129, Cell: +92-300-3250826,