SCOPE is part of a 14 countries capacity building network known as Drynet. The purpose of this network is to engage CSOs in the effective implementation of UNCCD. SCOPE is hosting this network in Pakistan. Please visit website: www.dry-net.org

Due to current climatic changes and destructive land use, land is degrading faster than ever, increasing the surface area of drylands and deserts around the globe. Fourteen civil society organisations from all over the world have started working together to combat land degradation in an EU-funded project called Drynet.

Drynet is a network of national and international NGOs, which are willing to share knowledge and competence on dryland management issues. By sharing knowledge these NGOs have to play a crucial role in putting dry land ecosystem degradation and poverty high onto the national development agenda. The Drynet members will collectively address this issue with a number of targeted activities building the needed capacity and skills to participate in the process and to lobby for stronger participation.

Taking into account the diverse status of civil society involvement in the countries, the activities shall strengthen CSOs and their networks to provide better input into the development of national action plans related to sustainable resource management in dry lands in those countries that didn't finalize their NAPs yet.

Additionally, this shall also develop the capacities of civil society organizations to generate project ideas or adapt best practices and develop these into feasible projects. This will contribute to a more sustainable and more efficient implementation of action plans and programs in countries affected by desertification as the role of NGOs in project implementation is stressed by all major international aid agreements.

This network is highly relevant to global environment concerns and is designed to capture benefits in other focal areas, especially conservation of dry land biodiversity and carbon sequestration. It focuses on mitigating the causes and effects of land degradation on the structure and functional integrity of ecosystems through institutional strengthening and sustainable land management while contributing to poverty alleviation and improving local livelihoods and economic well-being. It promotes cross-sectoral approaches for tackling desertification and creation of an enabling environment for improved policy and action at the national, provincial and district government levels as well as ensuring effective of stakeholders.

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