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National Peasants Coalition of Pakistan

Pakistan Kisan Sangat پاکستان کسان سنگت (NPCP-PKS)

National Peasants Coalition of Pakistan or Pakistan Kisan Sangat پاکستان کسان سنگت (NPCP-PKS), is a national coalition of peasants movements, civil society and land right activists of Pakistan, which was created on February 2012 at a national peasants convention at Hyderabad after a series of national consultations in 2011. NPCP aims at forming a broad based national level coalition of peasants and small farmers’ organization, struggling for secure access to land and land ownership rights under a comprehensive land and agrarian reforms in the country.

SCOPE is a member of International Land Coalition (ILC), a large global coalition of inter governmental organizations, INGOs, NGO and UN agencies, which are engaged in supporting landless farmers for effective land governance and their struggle for land reforms at global level. SCOPE is hosting NPCP Secretariat since January 2011. In this backdrop, SCOPE's efforts precisely are to bring all such organizations and networks under one umbrella, to provide them a legitimate power to create a impact and thrust to mobilize dormant land reforms agenda in the country. For more information please visit;