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Sindh Coastal Areas Network (SCAN)

A Network of PPAF-Pos working in the Sindh Coastal Areas

Pakistan Poverty Alleviation fund (PPAF) has made a deliberate effort to include a mix of some of its most tested and emerging POs to shoulder the challenging responsibility of implementing the Sindh Costal Areas Development Programme. These POs present vast diversity in terms of their size, coverage, empathy, professionalism and technical prowess.

In order to create a visible impact in terms of improving the quality of life and alleviating poverty among the marginalized fishermen communities, there is a need to move rapidly, which in trun demands innovating without set-backs. In order to accomplish this we need to eliminate the time lost in failed and abortive experimentation and the best way to do so is to learn the observations and experiences of each other through a systematic communication and learning process afforded by a supple and dynamic network.

Despite their vast diversity, all the organizations working on the programme have one thing in common they are all PPAF Partner Organizations, and along with PPAF, they share a passion to succeed in alleviating the sufferings of the languishing, yet valiant people of the Sindh Coast. PPAF therefore realizes that PPAF must play a facilitating, enabling and catalytic role in the establishment of such a network and in the sustenance of its operations.

The Sindh Coastal Area Network (SCAN) has been established in 2007. SCOPE has been elected as a Co-Chair of SCAN network for year 2010.

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