Social Mobilization

Social mobilization is the key to successful and sustainable interventions in all social sector development programs. The purpose of programme is to develop a comprehensive planning approach that emphasizes on joint community action. The process brings together all feasible and practical inter-sectoral social allies to strengthen community participation for sustainability and self reliance.

Social Mobilization is one of the main programme of SCOPE for supporting rural men and women in their efforts to alleviate poverty. SCOPE’s mandate is to strive for poverty alleviation by harnessing people's potential to help themselves, to assume control of local development and improve their standard of living. The process of Social Mobilization encourages men and women to form a group, typically consisting of 20-25 members, known as a Village Development Organization (VDO). Forming of Village Development Organizations is an important forum for empowering people to take an active role in the management of local development initiatives.

SCOPE believes that sustainability of any program depends entirely on quality of social mobilization to create a proactive community highly sensitized to their problems and capable of addressing them. SCOPE has formed 1500 VDOs in three districts of Sindh namely Tharparkar, Jamshoro and Thatta. It also trains and builds the capacity of the VDO members in order to assist them social mobilization, VDO management and its initiatives.