1. Bibliography of environmental research in Pakistan;
  2. Hospital waste: generation and disposal methods in Karachi;
  3. Hospital waste management for Karachi metropolis
  4. Lead; the Leading Poison; phasing out lead from Gasoline in Pakistan.
  5. Environmental Impact Assessment of sand mining in Malir Valley;
  6. Determination of lead and hydro-carbons in ground water in Karachi;
  7. "Hot Spots" Survey of Hazardous Sites in Karachi.
  8. Hazardous solid industrial waste disposal in Karachi metropolis;
  9. Solid waste management of soda ash industry
  10. Domestic methods of drinking water treatment;
  11. The recycling of polythene bags
  12. "Enviroline" a quarterly news letter in Local Language;
  13. "First Green Pages of Pakistan" (under published)
  14. Desertification of Malir valley
  15. Environmental impact Assessment of Mol Dam
  16. Waste Water treatment ( Primary, Secondary & Tertiary)
  17. Listening to the People (Proceedings of the Public Hearing on Chotiari Reservoir Project and Its Resettlements Plans
  18. Report on Asian NGOs Conference on Combating Desertification
  19. Proceedings of NRM Planning Workshop
  20. Proceedings of NRM Workshop on deserts
  21. Proceedings of NRM Workshop on Mountainous areas
  22. Report on NGOs Training Workshop on Water Logging and Salinity
  23. Report on the Workshop on Hospital Waste Management held in November, 1999
  24. Report on the Workshop on "Establishment of a Coalition to Combat Desertification in Asian Region"
  25. Four Provincial Workshop Report on Establishing RIOD- Pakistan
  26. Report on Financial Sustainability of NGOs and CBOs in Pakistan
  27. Status of desertification in Pakistan, 1999.
  28. Report on workshop on Public Private Partnership in combating Desertification in Pakistan
  29. Eco-Eye, the newsletter of The Earthlings Eco-Club
  30. Support for initiating activities of the IFAD/GM supported SCOPE’s part of the protected areas management project in arid district of Tharparker (Sindh), Pakistan
  31. Scoping study on agrarian reforms in Pakistan
  32. Advocacy tool kit for land rights organizations (under process)
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